• A Sensational and Calming Stroll

    Kevin Hoffman Walk is a passive, scenic trail with significant native and indigenous vegetation.

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The Kevin Hoffman Walk

Kevin Hoffman Walk is Lara’s native garden trail that stretches along the east side of the Hovells Creek.

The Walk is a gentle walking track that showcases a unique collection of native plants, sculptures, birds and wildlife.  

Originally inspired by Kevin Hoffman and his family and supporters, have shaped this significant indigenous path since 1970, with its lush ground covers, flowering native trees and shrubs.  

This project was initially supported by the Shire of Corio and this continues with the  City of Greater Geelong, along with local businesses and community groups.    

In 2013, Friends of Kevin Hoffman Walk Inc. were formed.  Their vision, mission statements and values ensure that this native walking trail continues to evolve, for the enjoyment of all.


About Kevin Hoffman

The Hoffman's purchased their corner block of land for around $1100 and, over time, those trees became many more trees, and many more shrubs, more plants and become the grand walk it is today.

There is so much to tell you about this man they called Kevin Hoffman. 

A fitter and turner by trade, with a hobby in photography that made him a very well respected and locally acclaimed photographer in the Geelong area PLUS being a passionate gardener and landscaper.

Kevin has recently turned 80 and still has input into how the Kevin Hoffman Walk looks.


The Friends of Kevin Hoffman Walk

The Friends of Kevin Hoffman Walk was formed in 2014 as a support group for The Kevin Hoffman Walk, Lara.

This group aims to support Kevin's work and the ongoing maintenance of the Kevin Hoffman Walk, to preserve this significant native garden for future generations to enjoy.