1960s Ian McClean Turner (who developed the estate known as Wingara Drive) planted the first trees along the Kevin Hoffman Walk.

1970’s The Hoffman family moved into Wingara Drive.  They began looking after the trees and soon landscaping the bare banks of Hovell’s Creek area.

1976 The then Shire of Corio sealed the road (Wingara Drive) and put in a water main to allow for further planting.1

Floods: Hovells Creek has a history of flooding, usually occurring between November and February.  Significant flooding in the area has occurred in 1933, 1973, 1978, 1983, 1988 and 2011.

The 1973 flood caused significant damage to the area when 190mm of rain fell in two bursts – 70 millimetres in eight hours followed by 120 millimetres over 12 hours.  The 1988 flood is the largest flood on record. During this flood, 120 millimetres of rain fell in just five hours on already wet ground in the area causing:

  • The levee bank at the rear of Ponds Drive to overtop.
  • Flooding of 78 properties, with 60 flooded inside the building
  • Flooding of the Station Lake Road Bridge, Flinders Avenue and Rennie Street, impacting access in and out of Lara.


1982 Best Street in Victoria!

Wingara Drive resident and student landscape architect  at the University of Canberra, David Martin2 won an international design award for his “Landscape Master Plan” of the area encompassing KHW and the open space and wetlands opposite known as ‘The Duck Ponds’.  The design competition was sponsored by the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) as part of the World Congress hosted in Canberra, 1982 hosted by the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects.

1983 – The Shire of Corio committed to implement David’s award winning open space improvement scheme as part of its flood mitigation program for protecting Central Lara. This led to an early phase of revegetation works in 1984-1985 within the creek corridor using locally grown ‘River Red Gums’ and other ‘native riparian’ (indigenous creek side) plantings now integrated with KHW.


2011 Friends of Kevin Hoffman Walk Inc were formed in recognition of the work that Kevin and his family has done and the significance of this native parklands for the Lara region.

2014 – Friends Kevin Hoffman Walk were finalist for Keep Australia Beautiful Awards.

2015 Celebration of 40 years on The Walk